• Goddess Woman Rising

    9-Month Immersion Program

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    The Goddess Woman Rising program is designed for businesswomen who have achieved success in their work and life but are seeking balance between their physical and spiritual life.



    You are an expert in your field, but you don’t apply all of the sacred knowing of your heart in your personal life or your business life.


    It’s time to bridge the gap of separation between your professional and personal power.


    You’re ready to embrace your body, mind, and spirit for total life fulfillment.


    You’re ready to bring more POWER, FOCUS and BALANCE in your life.




    Together we will create a space for you to trust your inner knowing, leverage your deep, goddess wisdom to create the life of your dreams.


    It’s time to commit to YOU and invest in your overall well-being to be the goddess woman you are, rising in your full power.

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  • Often taking care of you is the last thing on your list because everything else seems to take priority, including the needs of family, friends, work, and life.

    This disconnect from self can cause stress, when your self-care is out of balance.
    This powerful 9-month program helps you get focused on what truly matters for you in achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit.
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    We start where you are to move forward to where you want to be by identifying and shifting old thought patterns to create positive forward momentum to help you reduce stress and amplify success.


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    Together we will focus on key areas to help you thrive including application of your personal Life Balance Mandala assessment to evaluate your level of satisfaction in seven key areas:


    1) Career/Business

    2) Finances

    3) Romance/Intimacy

    4) Health/Self-Care

    5) Social

    6) Personal/Spiritual Development

    7) Physical Environment

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    You’ll discover the power of your personal energy system called the chakras and receive personalized chakra balancing education and tools to reclaim your power.


    The chakras are a set of portals between your inner world and outer world, and when activated, you’ll have more energy, clarity, and balance.

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    You will learn to be aware of your shadows and your fight, flight, or freeze patterns so you can move through them with grace and ease to be proactive instead of reactive.


    Together we will create space for you to trust your inner knowing, leverage your deep wisdom to create the life of your dreams.

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    You will learn to embrace the balance between your feminine and masculine aspects to align in your business and personal life.

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    I will skillfully guide you through the 9-month immersions by holding sacred space for you to learn to trust your innate wisdom during our journey together.

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    Based on your Life Balance Mandala assessment, we will work on the most important area(s) of your life to eliminate stress, develop a plan of action, focus and personal power.

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    During our sessions, we’ll discuss your life experiences and reoccurring energetic thought patterns that are ‘gems of awakening’ for you to help you mindfully identify and dissolve behaviors that no longer serve you.

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    We will meet for one hourly session via Zoom the first 3 weeks of the month with a break the last week of each month, as integration time for you.

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    Our hourly sessions may include hypnosis, breakthrough, energy work, and/or coaching sessions based on what you’re experiencing and your specific desired outcomes. Three-hour intensives will include coaching, longer hypnosis, or clearing sessions to deepen your inner work.



    As the leading expert in body, mind, and spirit alignment for successful businesswomen who want to achieve full life balance, I am your dedicated coach and accountability partner.


    I’ll help you find internal balance so that you can feel empowered and aligned as you release the patterns and stress that no longer serve you and BE who you truly want to BE and how you want to show up in your life.

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    Our time together will equip you with tools and techniques to manage your life in mind, body, and spirit and trust the divine goddess, powerful woman that you are. Plus, incorporating these practices will empower you to put your wellbeing first so you can be of greater service to your family, friends, career, and the world.



    I know firsthand how the responsibilities of successful businesswomen can cause stress and unrest when they are not properly balanced. The demands of family, children, work, life, business, and relationships must be prioritized and honored, starting with YOU.


    Testimonial from a happy client:

    "I appreciate how every session is focused on what I would like to work on. There is always closure and a sense of completion at the end of each session. What I find the most beneficial are the tools that I learn from Bessie to help myself. My previous experience with traditional psychotherapy sessions usually consisted of an exploration of my thoughts and feelings. However, there was not a lot of direction on how to improve or grow. Working with Bessie has provided me with a variety of tools like meditation, essential oils, journaling activities, and reading material that I can use daily to help bring me back to center when I feel like life is taking control. Instead, I can use the tools to become more centered, grounded, and present." B.T. Oahu HI

  • When you commit to YOU and invest in the 9-month

    Goddess Woman Rising Immersion Program, you’ll receive:

    All of the personalized attention, tools, and techniques I’ve outlined above.


    One hypnosis recording provided to you every month (9 recordings) for you to listen to to help begin to reprogram your subconscious mind and support you in aligning with new, supportive thoughts for a more mindful life.


    Monday - Friday Voxer access during my business hours during the 9-months for any wins, quick questions you may have.


    One - 90 minute 'Align Your Business - Align Your Life' Session to use any time during the 9-months of our work together.


    One half, deep dive day (four hours) of a core challenge you wish to address on a deeper level.






    JANUARY 30, 2021 FOR FREE!!!



    Let’s have a conversation to ensure this is the perfect fit for you. To apply for the Goddess Woman Rising 9-Month Immersion Program, email me at: wishwithbessie@gmail.com or schedule a discovery call. We’ll schedule a time to ensure we are in alignment to rise and become the powerful goddess, divine woman you are!



    With love, compassion, & gratitude,

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