• Hello! I’m Bessie Estonactoc. I am so glad you are here!


    Are you a Healer, Coach or Spritual Woman Entrepreneur experiencing stress, anxiety, or worry about being visible, sharing your voice, and being authentically and intuitively present in your business and life? It is no accident that you have been nudged to be here!!


    If you are also striving to attain a life of abundance, peace and balance, and being open to embarking on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, please read on!


    Being a spiritual seeker myself, I have always been intrigued by matters of spirituality, personal growth, life, the afterlife, and the significance of navigating this human experience. Through my education, training, and life journey, I have come to recognize the profound importance of remembering our true essence as divine souls, emphasizing love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness as human beings. It fills me with joy to share the knowledge I have acquired with women who are on a spiritual path and desire to understand how spirituality intertwines deeply with the process of living and learning the lessons of this human existence. Does this resonate with you?


    In this 2024 year, it is time to release the narratives that are causing you distress and worry. Embrace the opportunity to radiate your inner light and step into the unique gifts that Spirit has called upon you to share with the world. We have been called into THIS life to become aware and heal these narratives so we can bring more light into our life, our business, our work and all the lives we touch.


    If what I do as a Spiritual Coach and Hypnotherapist resonates with you, let's get on a Getting to Know You Call to see if what I do may be in alignment with you! We can the look at what would be ways that we could work together.

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    C.D. trusts her inner voice!

    Through my work with Bessie I now understand the true meaning of “being enough.” I have the mental, emotional and spiritual energy to bring my best me forward in every sense of the word. I bring that energy to my work and my family. Bessie has given me to tools to know how to tap into my inner voice and understand what it feels like in my body when it feels right and when to be cautious. I am one month into independence and have closed the same amount of clients I did in the previous year. My pipeline is full of new prospects AND it didn’t take any time away from my family. Thanks Bessie!"

    ~ C.D., San Jose, CA

    Jen knows that she has the power & choice in the moment to re-center her energy!

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    B.T. understands how to bring herself back to center!

    I appreciate how every session is focused on what I would like to work on. There is always closure and a sense of completion at the end of each session. What I find the most beneficial are the tools that I learn from Bessie to help myself. My previous experience with traditional psychotherapy sessions usually consisted of an exploration of my thoughts and feelings. However, there was not a lot of direction on how to improve or grow. Working with Bessie has provided me with a variety of tools like meditation, essential oils, journaling activities, and reading material that I can use daily to help bring me back to center when I feel like life is taking control. Instead, I have learned the tools to become more centered, grounded, and present.

    ~ B.T., Oahu, HI

    Lisa has been able to find the true essence of herself!


    With a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years as a former counselor and psychotherapist, my unwavering dedication has been to empower women in transforming their lives, work, and relationships. I have been instrumental in helping hundreds of women effectively learn to empower themselves by letting go of their old stories, foster trust in their intuition, and cultivate inner peace and confidence across all areas of their lives.

    Presently, as a Spiritual Coach and Hypnotherapist, I passionately direct my energy towards supporting Coaches, Teachers and Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in rediscovering the core essence of their souls. By delving into the exploration of their current and past lives, I assist women in understanding how these experiences have influenced their present lives. I uphold the belief that our purpose in this earthly existence is to learn profound soul lessons that enable us to lead lives with peace and abundance in all aspects, while simultaneously placing trust in our intuition and especially knowing that we are divinely sourced by Source.

  • Some personal tidbits about me:

    • I'm a native San Franciscan and live on the Central Coast of California.
    • I lived in Hawaii for 24 years and consider the beautiful and magical island of Oahu my second home.
    • I’ve been married to my loving husband, Jack, for 43 years and am so grateful that he has supported me in nurturing my soul purpose!
    • I love traveling, walking on the beach, spending time with our grandchildren and discovering new restaurants with my husband.
    • I love reading and collecting books on the chakras, spirituality, healing, law of attraction, manifesting with the moon and vibrational healing. I almost have enough reading in my library to last me a lifetime!!!
    • My collecting of crystals are reaching their all time high, too!
    • I LOVE playing my crystal bowls and providing sound healing to the groups I serve.
    • I have two awesome adult children, a fantastic son in law and daughter in law, AND six beautiful grandchildren, whom I love to the moon and back!!

    I'm professionally certified in:

    • Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy
    • Past Life Regression
    • Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapy
    • Yoga teachings as a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Personal Transformation & Life Coach
    • Certified Spiritual Coach
    • Certified Usui/Holy Fire® Levels I, II & Reiki Master Teacher
    • Certified Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
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  • Let's chat! Schedule a complimentary 'Alignment Call' to see how I can support you!