Hypno-Sound Bath Membership

  • I've always had an affinity for sound bowls and the relaxing sounds they emit. As a former yoga instructor, part of what I offered after a yoga class was playing sound bowls, as the power of sound healing amplified the calming process for the yoga students. Now as a certified hypnotherapist, I am incorporating the powers of both sound healing and hypnosis to create a Hypno-Sound Bath. This combination offers a uniquely transformative experience, creating a state of deep relaxation to assist participants in reaching a specific goal.


    I am offering a monthly membership where you can access New Moon and Full Moon Hypno- Soundbath Ceremonies in the comfort of your home each month and paired them with a monthly group coaching session where I will provide teachings on specific topics. You will have the opportunity to get coached by me for a particular issue where you are feeling challenged.

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    What will I receive with the AMPLIFY monthly membership?

    A New Moon Hypno-Soundbath - You'll establish a meaningful goal that your soul is nudging you to focus on for the month.

    A Full Moon Hypno-Soundbath - You'll look at what energies (i.e. thought patterns, mindset shifts) you wish to release and what no longer serves you.

    Reiki healing energy at the end of each soundbath session.

    A Zoom group coaching session one time a month - I will provide some teachings on specific topics and where you have the opportunity to get coached by me for a particular issue where you are feeling challenged (i.e. keeping boundaries, connecting with your intuition, forgiveness, self-love).

    Moon Cycle Information and handouts to support you in your journey on achieving your goal.

    Private Facebook Group where you will have a community of spiritual women who desire to be in sacred space with other spiritual women who are seeking soul expansion, healing and soul growth.



    You will be able to access every session (including the Zoom group coaching session) on this website each month in a private portal with a private log in.


    Valued at $900+ for all you receive.


    Your cost: $97.00 per month