• Use Your Spiritual Gifts to Soulfully Grow Your Business

    - Master Class -

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  • The A.R.T. of Spiritual Living for Entrepreneurs


    Spiritual Entrepreneur, are you longing to....



    Know how to confidently birth/grow your spiritual gifts into the world because deep within your soul you know this is your calling?


    Gain a deeper awareness of how your past has affected your present thought patterns that's blocking your spiritual business growth? 


    Release the old narratives so that you can quantum jump to the authentic soul you truly are and launch/grow your spiritual business once and for all?


    Beautiful soul, it is said in numerology that the year 2024 will push us to uncover and pursue our deepest desires.

    Are you ready to answer your soul's calling?


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  • Join me for a FREE 60-minute online master class where you will discover how you can:


    ✷ Understand the energy and vibration of your thoughts.


    ✷ Gain an understanding how the energy and vibration of your thoughts are unconsciously blocking your forward movement in your business.


    ✷ Understand how we are superconscious beings living a human existence and how you can bridge the gap spiritually and psychologically to grow/launch your business this 2024 year.

  • It IS time to step into the Light Leader that you truly are because your clients need you to light the way for them!!!


    Wednesday, January 17, 2024 10am Pacific*

    *US and Canada

    I'll be presenting during a Facebook Live in my group page

    "Spiritual Hypnotherapy with Bessie"


    You can join here during the above day of the event:



  • Looking forward to seeing you there!



    Infinite blessings and light,


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