• Attention: Healers, Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs


    BEing Confidently You So That You Can Lead with Your 'Woo'

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    What if I could show

    you a way to:

    🌹 Feel a sense of spiritual and self-empowerment?


    🌹 Feel grounded and confident to be more visible?


    🌹 Heal your past and past lives so you are courageous and offer your deeper gifts and talents without fear?


    🌹Feel joy and victory in your life – knowing you can accomplish anything if you put your mind, body and spirit to it?


    🌹 FINALLY – trust BEing YOU with your WOO to share yourself fully with your greatest gifts in the world!!!

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  • Healer, Coach & Spiritual Entrepreneur....


    → Are you a spiritual leader who intuitively knows that you are on this earth with your unique soul purpose to help heal the planet but a fear of not being worthy is blocking you?


    → Do you have a dream or vision that's been dormant and you feel you're ready to manifest that in the world but need some support?


    → Are you afraid to trust your intuition for fear you'd make the wrong decision or you'd be see as too 'woo'?


    → Do you have a 'wounded healer' mindset so you continue to search for the next thing to heal you from a place of fear or lack vs. from a place of courage and abundance?

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  • If the answer is YES to one or more of the above questions, and you're ready to share yourself fully with your greatest gifts in the world, let's get on a call together.



    This program is for you if you are a healer, coach, or spiritual entrepreneur who wants to become confident and clear in mastering your energy and alignment.


    You will learn skills to assist you in sharing your great work with the world, so that you can step into your soul's purpose.

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    She's on an amazing path!


    My friend, has your business been feeling stagnant? Have you been struggling with the confidence you need to move towards your business goals? The "Lead with Your Woo" is the course for you to step into your power.


    My life is better as a result of working with Bessie. I feel lighter and practice more compassion for myself. It has moved me to begin developing different plans and goals for my business. 


    Jamel S. ~ Oahu, Hi

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    She's more attached to her why!


    "I had the opportunity to be a part a program with the hypnosis and past life regression work with Bessie. I was struggling to feel worthy of the work I am trying to do. To accept that it is of value and not just a silly pastime or hobby. Feeling valid and feeling like I do have something to offer that is of value to others.


    The top three results I got out of the program was a greater sense of purpose, validation, clarification and trust in myself and my purpose. I feel a greater sense of needing to keep working and not give up. I feel less attached to the outcome and more attached to the why!!


    Bessie is amazing to work with. So supportive, intuitive and available for the growth and healing needed to pursue your passion or purpose. Her work will change the way you view yourself and give you more clarity on how to move forward with confidence." 


    ~ Jen Nichol, Oahu, HI

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    What a potent session she had!!!


    "My past life regression session was so amazing! I went in with an open mind about the session but kept thinking I wouldn’t get a lot out of it, since I thought my issues were solely in the present moment. Boy, was I wrong! I went to a totally unexpected timeframe and found I was running away from danger.


    I realized that was the same feeling I was having in the here and now!! Bessie was able to help me overcome the fear, face it and move on to the here and now while letting go of the need to run away. She made me realize I’m in a loving, safe environment now and that it’s time to reach out and help others. Thank you Bessie!! I’d still be wandering around in the dark without your help!!"


    Sherrie S. ~ Navarre, FL

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    She has stepped into her sovereignity!!!


    "My favorite part about working with you was doing the past life generational trauma with a family member. The support and love I received helped to remind myself that the pain was felt from before me. Being able to recognize what I wanted like to fix and move forward was powerful. I made many life changes to do things that make me happy. My relationships with my family and friends are much more open and have improved. I feel like a weight has been taken off my chest and I can move on with my life by closing the old chapter of the old me."


    ~ SND, Honoluu, HI

  • 👉 I know what you may be going through because I did the same thing - didn't show up fully as I was afraid I'd be judged.


    👉 If you're like my clients, you probably often let fear make you feel like you're running on a hamster wheel.  


    👉 Even though you're an empath and highly sensitive, you still allow doubts to plague you.


    👉Because of that, you've held yourself back and the greatest pain of it all is that you're not trusting from a deeply intuitive and connective place within you.


    👉 I've navigated this and come to the other side and would love to support you in doing the same!!

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    She has a deeper understanding of who she is through her chakras!!


    "I knew my chakras were out of balance and I had been looking for a way to balance them. There are many modalities out there that I tried that really didn’t cut it Then Bessie offered her chakra class and I jumped at the chance. Not only has Bessie allowed me to balance my chakras but also allowed me to have a deeper sense of understanding my chakras and found more self-esteem and self-love through this class. The combination of the classes themselves along with the handouts and meditations allowed me to really retain what was being taught. Because I still have access to these classes I can always go back for refreshers. I am truly grateful to Bessie for offering this class and am looking forward to more of her classes to come."

    ~ Sherrie S., Navarre, FL

    Let's get on a call together to make sure we're in alignment to do this work together.

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    "BEing Confidently You So That You Can Lead with Your Woo"

    A private experience where you:


    • Will learn how to heal and transform the old narratives of your chakras to apply them in your personal and business life so that you can create and manifest abundance!!!
    • Have a space created for you to feel safe to share without any guilt or judgment.
    • Will learn to tap and trust in your 'woo' and co-create with Source and your Spiritual Team so that you can daily energetically feel CONFIDENT in making decisions in your life, relationships and business.
    • Receive a life-changing spiritual hypnotherapy session or energy session once a month so that you can uncover a block you are challenged with or would like more clarity on.
    • Understand the elements of the chakras so that you can boost your chakras when you're feeling out of alignment so that you can come back to center to intuitively take inspired action in your personal or business life.
    • Access my library of hypnosis recordings for you to listen to so that you can rewire your thought patterns.

    Are you ready to transform your business and life?


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    She trusts and values her uniqueness!!


    "I signed up for this program thinking in the back of mind that I wasn't going to gain new insights, but I was totally wrong about that.


    My life is different now because I used to live in black and white but now know that I'm okay living in shades of gray. I understand how being mindful of my thoughts are important and how my energy needs to be clear to trust myself.


    I appreciated how Bessie provided practical tools and exercises to understand how our subconsicous/conscious/unconsicious thoughts impact our daily life. I really enjoyed the guided hypnosis experiences.


    I was able to truly appreciate my gifts, talents and abilities and showcase them in my own authentic way.


    I highly recommend this program. If you come into this with an open mind, your mind will open up in surprising ways. Analytics, creatives and artists will find a common ground taking this program."


    C.W. ~ San Jose, CA

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    She's more confident and motivated!


    “I took Bessie's program because I have been continuing to work on my confidence to heal myself, to start my business because I have the desire to help heal others.


    I realized that I had stories from past my that have shaped me and now I'm learning and allowing to release these stories.


    I was nervous about being in a group but I felt very nurtured and supported and it was a safe space to share.


    This group experience helped me to understand that we experienced a common ground - that we are learning and growing. I'm feeling more confident and motivated in starting my business!


    I enjoyed the experiential work, the mystical, going back to past lives. I realized that healing was key on a cellular level so that your future generations are healed. Bessie taught different techniques that are lifelong tools to help me on my path.


    Linda M. ~ Oahu, Hawaii

  • By saying YES to this 6 month 1:1 program, you are saying YES to your soul

    to create the transformation you've desired by:

    • Weekly repetition and consistent focus on amplifying your soul's calling, creating a vision and taking divine action.
    • Rewiring your thought patterns so that your thinking and actions are in harmony of the business, life, and relationship you desire.
    • Learn how to work with the energy of your thoughts and choose high vibe thinking to feel joy, freedom and self-love in your day.
    • Learn how to access higher wisdom from Source and your Spiritual Team to confidently live each day with more energetic ease and flow.
    • Knowing that YOU have the ability to transform the energy of your thoughts so that when you do become off center, you have self-empowerment tools in your tool box to come back to center and shift to take inspired action.
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  • Imagine walking away with:

    ✔ Trusting your innate wisdom and your connection with Source and your Spiritual Team so you can flow through your day with ease in your life, work and relationships.


    ✔ Knowing you are ENOUGH/AMAZING/PERFECT because you’ve had life experience and the training and can show up to sell and share your gifts with your community.


    ✔ You’re experiencing abundance in all areas of your life and business because you are trusting your inner knowing.


    ✔ You’re focused and taking inspired action on ways to authentically sell your gifts, and clients are investing in you because of your authenticity.


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    🌹 Hello! I'm Bessie Estonactoc, Spiritual Coach, Healer & Hypnotherapist for spiritual women entrepreneurs, coaches and healers.


    After having a private practice as a therapist on Oahu for 20 years serving hundreds of clients, I am now focused on working with helping entrepreneurs amplify their soul's calling by creating the spiritual transformations their crave in the business and life, clearing fears that stem from this life or past lives that's holding them back to courageously show up online, be visible and share their gifts and to confidently attract their soul tribe and abundance.


    I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and certifications in: Yoga Teacher Training, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Personal Transformation Life Coaching, Mediumship & Psychic Studies, Holy Fire Usui Reiki and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki.


    I now combine my traditional education with my spiritual training using hypnotherapy, energy and mindset tools to support clents in transforming their life. My passion is to help spiritual business leaders bridge the gap between the psychological and spiritual parts of their life to help create freedom, expansion and peace.


    I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California and work with clients world-wide. 🌹

  • I would love to work with you!

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