• Enhanced Usui Reiki
    Level II and III Practitioner Training
    (Next group training date TBA)

    "It's time to embrace the healer you truly are!!"

    Even though you have been trained in Reiki II & III, have you been feeling the nudge to actually take the step to have a Reiki business but have bumped up against doubting yourself because:


    💮 You were intuitively guided and inspired to take Reiki II and advance to Reiki III, was so excited, but you didn’t do anything because fear was holding you back.


    💮 After you took the course(s), you followed your guidance, you questioned yourself – "Who am I to be a healer?”


    💮 You’ve gone on to take MORE courses in healing but you still question yourself – “Can I really heal?” – and you are still are not taking action.

    The time is NOW to follow through and follow your intuition and BE the healer you’ve been called to BE.

    YOU are needed more than ever now to help others shift their energy.


    YOU are needed more than ever to remember that your LIGHT is needed.


    YOU are needed more than ever to step into BEing and embracing the healer that you are, period!!!

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    I'm excited that I have created a training specifically for Usui Reiki Practitioners to help them enhance and embrace their healing skills. Reiki CAN be an additional income stream for you and can help you personally and professionally to grow exponentially. You began the journey to learn Reiki and the time is now to following through and help others.

    This training is for:

    Anyone who has been trained in Usui Reiki and has taken Level II or III and can provide me with a copy of their certification.

    Join me for an online Zoom training where you will learn the following:


    💮 You will go deeper into your Reiki practice and your work by tuning deeper into your intuition and trusting yourself as a healer.


    💮 You will connect more with your energy and the healing energy.


    💮 I will show you how to work in your Reiki healing grid, which is so much more powerful.


    💮 You will receive advanced inner development, personally and professionally.


    💮 You will become embodied as the Healer, become one with the energy that flows through you.


    💮 You will have the inner and outer skills to take aligned action, to build your business and have an income stream as a Reiki Practitioner and/or Reiki Master Teacher.


    WHEN: Next class TBA

    WHERE: In the comfort of your home – via Zoom








    WHERE: In the comfort of your home – via Zoom






    **If you'd like to know more or would like to get on my email list to get notified on next group training date, please email me at wishwithbessie@gmailcom.**


    *** I also provide this as a Half VIP Day where I work with you individually on all of the above!! ***

    Testimonial from a happy student:

    "You taught me well to read my intuitive nudges & divine downloads & honestly that is what I honed the most during the lockdowns. Through your training, mentorship & leadership as well as having you in my life as a living example, I no longer wonder if I’m capable or stuck. Creativity is free flowing! ~ Hulakai Quesinberry, Oahu HI