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  • You're already doing well in your life, but you know you're not at the level that you'd like to be.

  • What if I could show

    you a way:

    🌹 To create more peace in your life?
    🌹 To live with less stress?
    🌹 To find & free your authentic voice?
    🌹 To feel confident following your intuition?

    🌹 To seek next level of joy and freedom in your life?

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    Introducing the "Find & Free Your Inner Voice" Coaching Program

    This is a private coaching program where you and I work together for three months.

  • This program is by application only.

    Click below to go directly to the application and my calendar to schedule our conversation!

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    In 90 days you can:

     Be able to communicate powerfully
     Trust your next best steps
     Improve your relationship with yourself and others
     Trust your intuition
    Shift your mindset
     Feel good about who you are and where you are going
  • Book a 20 minute call with me here to find out if this program is a right fit for you.

  • Imagine walking away with the ability to:

    ✔ Create calm within yourself, so you can communicate more confidently.

    ✔ Discover the power of your personal energy, so you can become your own teacher within.

    ✔ Let go of the stress and feel more in control, so you can get more done each day.

    ✔ Trust your innate wisdom, so you can make decisions quickly and more confidently.

    ✔ Feel safe, successful, and structured, as we work together.

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    🌹 Hello! I'm Bessie Estonactoc, Spiritual Coach, Teacher, and Healer for professional business women.

    🌹 I have been in the field of human behavior for 20 years and am now focused on working with women supporting them on how to achieve a peaceful and calm life by finding and freeing their inner voice.

    🌹 I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and certifications in: Yoga Teacher Training, Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Personal Transformation Life Coaching, Holy Fire Usui Reiki and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki.

    🌹 I now combine my traditional education with my spiritual training using energy and mindset tools to support women in transforming their life.

    🌹 I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California and work with clients world-wide.

  • If you're ready to work together, click on the link below to complete the application and set up a time to have a conversation together!

    If you have any questions before you fill out the application, email me here.

  • Powerful Results

    She's on an amazing path!!!!

    "Bessie has continued to be a pillar of strength for me. This strength has been developed through our sessions and has manifested in myself. There were times when I felt insecure, vulnerable and doubted that I might really be able to achieve these goals. On the contrary, I see that I have personally and professionally moved forward in my life, even during a very stressful time. I feel Bessie has helped me move from a good place in my life, to an amazing path on the journey. Life is unknown and unpredictable. Not one person has to be on that road alone, and/or unprepared!"
    ~ K.D., Redwood City, CA

    She feels more in control of her life!

    "I appreciate how every session is focused on what I would like to work on. There is always closure and a sense of completion at the end of each session. What I find the most beneficial are the tools that I learn from Bessie to help myself. My previous experience with traditional psychotherapy sessions usually consisted of an exploration of my thoughts and feelings. However, there was not a lot of direction on how to improve or grow. Working with Bessie has provided me with a variety of tools like meditation, essential oils, journaling activities, and reading material that I can use daily to help bring me back to center when I feel like life is taking control. Instead, I have learned the tools to become more centered, grounded, and present."

    ~ B.T., Oahu, HI

    She's trusting her inner voice!

    "I recently left corporate life to work for independent firms and decided to start my own firm. Because I knew the amount of responsibility added to me becoming firm’s president in addition to the responsibilities of wife and mother, I wanted to take my abilities to the next level. Having been in my industry for 20+ years I knew I had the intellectual capacity. I wanted to be equipped emotionally and spiritually. Through my work with Bessie, I got just that. Now I understand the true meaning of “being enough.” I have the mental, emotional and spiritual energy to bring my best me forward in every sense of the word. I bring that energy to my work and my family. Bessie has given me to tools to know how to tap into my inner voice and understand what it feels like in my body when it feels right and when to be cautious. I am one month into independence and have closed the same amount of clients I did in the previous year. My pipeline is full of new prospects AND it didn’t take any time away from my family. Thanks Bessie!"

    ~ C.D., San Jose, CA

    She has more clarity on how to move forward!

    "I had the opportunity to be a part of the “Nurturing Your Soul Purpose’ with Bessie. I was struggling to feel worthy of the work I am trying to do. To accept that it is of value and not just a silly pastime or hobby. Feeling valid and feeling like I do have something to offer that is of value to others. The top three results I got out of the program was a greater sense of purpose, validation, clarification and trust in myself and my purpose. I feel a greater sense of needing to keep working and not give up. I feel less attached to the outcome and more attached to the why!! Bessie is amazing to work with. So supportive, intuitive and available for the growth and healing needed to pursue your passion or purpose. Her work will change the way you view yourself and give you more clarity on how to move forward with confidence."

    ~ Jen Nichol, Oahu, HI

  • I would love to work with you!

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