• Powerful Results

  • "I had the opportunity to work with Bessie to nurture my pupose. I was struggling to feel worthy of the work I am trying to do. To accept that it is of value and not just a silly pastime or hobby. Feeling valid and feeling like I do have something to offer that is of value to others. The top three results I got out of the program was a greater sense of purpose, validation, clarification and trust in myself and my purpose. I feel a greater sense of needing to keep working and not give up. I feel less attached to the outcome and more attached to the why!! Bessie is amazing to work with. So supportive, intuitive and available for the growth and healing needed to pursue your passion or purpose. Her work will change the way you view yourself and give you more clarity on how to move forward with confidence."

    ~ Jen Nichol, Oahu, HI

    "I had a chakra clearing session with Bessie and it was the most life changing experience I've had. My mind, spirit and soul were in harmony and I felt free of any bad feelings/thoughts that I was harboring. It built my confidence and I was able to take responsibility for what I want in my life and and at work. I felt that a huge burden had just been lifted off my shoulders and I was "free". It was very emotional.
    ~ J.B. - Santa Clara, CA

    "My favorite part about working with you was doing the past life generational trauma with a family member. The support and love I received helped to remind myself that the pain was felt from before me. Being able to recognize what I wanted like to fix and move forward was powerful. I made many life changes to do things that make me happy. My relationships with my family and friends are much more open and have improved. I feel like a weight has been taken off my chest and I can move on with my life by closing the old chapter of the old me."

    ~ SND, Honoluu, HI

    "I recently left corporate life to work for independent firms and decided to start my own firm. Because I knew the amount of responsibility added to me becoming firm’s president in addition to the responsibilities of wife and mother, I wanted to take my abilities to the next level. Having been in my industry for 20+ years I knew I had the intellectual capacity. I wanted to be equipped emotionally and spiritually. Through my work with Bessie, I got just that. Now I understand the true meaning of “being enough.” I have the mental, emotional and spiritual energy to bring my best me forward in every sense of the word. I bring that energy to my work and my family. Bessie has given me to tools to know how to tap into my inner voice and understand what it feels like in my body when it feels right and when to be cautious. I am one month into independence and have closed the same amount of clients I did in the previous year. My pipeline is full of new prospects AND it didn’t take any time away from my family. Thanks Bessie!"

    ~ C.D., San Jose, CA

    "Bessie has continued to be a pillar of strength for me. This strength has been developed through our sessions and has manifested in myself. There were times when I felt insecure, vulnerable and doubted that I might really be able to achieve these goals. On the contrary, I see that I have personally and professionally moved forward in my life, even during a very stressful time. I feel Bessie has helped me move from a good place in my life, to an amazing path on the journey. Life is unknown and unpredictable. Not one person has to be on that road alone, and/or unprepared!"
    ~ K.D., Redwood City, CA

    "I appreciate how every session is focused on what I would like to work on. There is always closure and a sense of completion at the end of each session. What I find the most beneficial are the tools that I learn from Bessie to help myself. My previous experience with traditional psychotherapy sessions usually consisted of an exploration of my thoughts and feelings. However, there was not a lot of direction on how to improve or grow. Working with Bessie has provided me with a variety of tools like meditation, essential oils, journaling activities, and reading material that I can use daily to help bring me back to center when I feel like life is taking control. Instead, I have learned the tools to become more centered, grounded, and present."

    ~ B.T., Oahu, HI

    "My past life regression session was so amazing! I went in with an open mind about the session but kept thinking I wouldn’t get a lot out of it, since I thought my issues were solely in the present moment. Boy, was I wrong! I went to a totally unexpected timeframe and found I was running away from danger. I realized that was the same feeling I was having in the here and now!! Bessie was able to help me overcome the fear, face it and move on to the here and now while letting go of the need to run away. She made me realize I’m in a loving, safe environment now and that it’s time to reach out and help others. Thank you Bessie!! I’d still be wondering around in the dark without your help!!"

    ~ Sherrie S., Oahu, HI

    "Once I decided to do the TrimLife program I knew the only person I would feel comfortable doing it with was Bessie. Her calm, open and accepting personality made me feel comfortable and confident in the fact that I was not going to be judged. Bessie made me feel completely at ease and I was able to say things out loud I have never said to anyone before. The TrimLife program helped me uncover and understand the beginnings of my unhealthy relationship with food. With my newfound understanding I was able to take that control back. Releasing that toxic hold food had over my life is now released. I have regained complete control over what food I put in my body. In the process I have also managed to lose 50 pounds and as a result have gotten rid of my sleep apnea machine. My recent health screening also showed improvements across the board."

    ~ Alicia B., Oahu, HI

    "I loved the connection and support throughout the process with Bessie. Especially surrounding the healing that occurs during the hypnosis sessions. The hypnosis sessions were deeply powerful for me emotionally and energetically. They helped me connect to the reasons behind what I am doing, why, and what my obstacles are. Bessie is amazing to work with. So supportive, intuitive and available for the growth and healing needed to pursue your passion or purpose. Her work will change the way you view yourself and give you more clarity on how to move forward with confidence."

    ~ Jen Nichol, Oahu, HI

    "I decided to get a chakra healing session with Bessie as I needed extra self-care after a very busy month. I was feeling some stuck emotions in my heart and I couldn’t identify what it was related to. Bessie is really intuitive and she guided me through the right questions to identify what I was feeling. I experienced a deep sense of relaxation and surrendering during the chakra healing. Following the session, I felt clearer, calmer and energized."

    ~ Melissa Mayer, Honolulu, HI

    "I met Bessie on Facebook, and we quickly became friends. Bessie is loving, kind and compassionate who puts her clients first. I have done hypnosis in the past and know the benefits of how it can help with many health challenges. Bessie is one of the great ones. She gets very clear on what her clients need before she begins the session. Bessie helped me with a struggle I was having recently. I was under a lot of stress and the hypnosis helped me to see how my experiences from childhood were bleeding into how I handle stressful times. It’s in the knowing of why we struggle with certain things that helps us implement a different perspective and have a more positive action during hard times."

    ~ M.B., Apopka, FL

    "My last session with Bessie was transforming. I went in for a hypnotherapy session to address my anxiety and fear around my move to the mainland. I was obsessing over the design of my new space and unable to direct my needed attention to the tasks of preparing for the move. Once in the session with Bessie I found an unexpected energy (my ex-husband's) in the space of the home I'll be moving into. We found the root of my fear and then together cleared the space, cut the cords, and filled the space with peace, light and love. Since that session I am so much more at ease with the move and I haven't been obsessing over the design. I'm excited to see the space we've already transformed and cleared. I love, Bessie, she's always able to help me see things I didn't even know were an issue. I've been surprised with every session, always transformational and insightful."

    ~ L.S., Oahu, HI

    "I just completed a 1 ½ hour session with Bessie which consisted of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Hypnosis. Bessie tested each chakra and they were in need of balancing. The calming effect of the hypnosis brought relaxation in my body. Bessie guided me to feel and visualize each step to balance my specific chakra, to see the chakras colors and I could actually feel each chakra being cleared through Reiki. I could feel where Reiki was administered and pain all gone. Bessie, I am looking forward to the more classes in soon. Thank You. Love and Peace."

    ~ Ellen Gant, Florrissant, MO

    "If you want to learn more about yourself and cultivate your intuition as an empath the "Flowing with Love Chakra" program will provide you insight via the chakras. Every week is a building block. Bessie has some exceptional talents in her ability to assess and get to the root of your concerns. Through hypnotherapy she guides you on a path to awareness and wellness. The program provides you many life tools to use far beyond class."

    ~ Mary E., Santa Clara, CA


    "I knew my chakras were out of balance and I had been looking for a way to balance them. There are many modalities out there that I tried that really didn’t cut it Then Bessie offered her chakra class and I jumped at the chance. Not only has Bessie allowed me to balance my chakras but also allowed me to have a deeper sense of understanding my chakras and found more self-esteem and self-love through this class. The combination of the classes themselves along with the handouts and meditations allowed me to really retain what was being taught. Because I still have access to these classes I can always go back for refreshers. I am truly grateful to Bessie for offering this class and am looking forward to more of her classes to come."

    ~ Sherrie S., Oahu, HI

    "I was struggling with the idea of working as a financial services representative and marrying that to soul work/ soul fulfilling work. Bessie helped me to see that financial services can be soul work. The flow of money is energy and by helping people to manage their energy flow and come to terms with their own feelings and thoughts around money I’d be helping them to progress on life’s journey."

    ~ Deirdre P., Pikesville, MD