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    "I decided to get a chakra healing session with Bessie as I needed extra self-care after a very busy month. I was feeling some stuck emotions in my heart and I couldn’t identify what it was related to. Bessie is really intuitive and she guided me through the right questions to identify what I was feeling. I experienced a deep sense of relaxation and surrendering during the chakra healing. Following the session, I felt clearer, calmer and energized."


    ~ Melissa Mayer, Honolulu, HI

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    "If you want to learn more about yourself and cultivate your intuition as an empath the "Flowing with Love Chakra" program will provide you insight via the chakras. Every week is a building block. Bessie has some exceptional talents in her ability to assess and get to the root of your concerns. Through hypnotherapy she guides you on a path to awareness and wellness. The program provides you many life tools to use far beyond class."

    ~ Mary E., Santa Clara, CA

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    "I just completed a 1 ½ hour session with Bessie which consisted of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Hypnosis. Bessie tested each chakra and they were in need of balancing. The calming effect of the hypnosis brought relaxation in my body. Bessie guided me to feel and visualize each step to balance my specific chakra, to see the chakras colors and I could actually feel each chakra being cleared through Reiki. I could feel where Reiki was administered and pain all gone. Bessie, I am looking forward to the more classes in soon. Thank You. Love and Peace."


    ~ Ellen Gant, Florrissant, MO


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    "My last session with Bessie was transforming. I went in for a hypnotherapy session to address my anxiety and fear around my move to the mainland. I was obsessing over the design of my new space and unable to direct my needed attention to the tasks of preparing for the move. Once in the session with Bessie I found an unexpected energy (my ex-husband's) in the space of the home I'll be moving into. We found the root of my fear and then together cleared the space, cut the cords, and filled the space with peace, light and love. Since that session I am so much more at ease with the move and I haven't been obsessing over the design. I'm excited to see the space we've already transformed and cleared. I love, Bessie, she's always able to help me see things I didn't even know were an issue. I've been surprised with every session, always transformational and insightful."


    ~ L.S., Oahu, HI