Spiritual Hypnotherapy

  • Understanding ourselves on a soul level is a powerful way to understand ourselves in our physical life. Spiritual Hypnotherapy can 'connect the breadcrumbs' to an ongoing challenge you may be experiencing daily that you haven't been able to heal or make sense of through traditional talk therapy.


    Using Advanced Spiritual Regression such as: Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Shadow Work, DNA Healing, Healing Family Karma, Between Lives Therapy, Chakra Healing can powerful modalities to explore for spiritual development and transformation.


    Spiritual hypnotherapy can help the individual receive the support to overcome their old stories, fears, and negative patterns of behavior that are discovered in the spiritual realm. Spiritual Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you achieve your goals, improve your relationships with self and others, increase your confidence, and achieve a deeper understanding of nurturing yourself as a 'spiritual being having a human experience.'

    Spiritual Hypnotherapy is for Spiritual Business Women who:

    • Are feeling anxious, worried or stress and want more balance in their life.
    • Once and for all want to heal the past, clear and resolve visibility and worthiness ‘stories’ that no longer serves you.
    • Seek to achieve a greater sense of purpose and clarity in life
    • Wish to courageously trust your intuition.
    • Want to heal your relationships (including the relationship with yourself).
    • Desire to learn to manage stressors to live fully in the present moment.
    • Learn to bridge the psychological (3D) with the spiritual (5D) so you will know how to walk and live in both worlds.
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  • Session Packages

    Single Session - $333

    A single, one-hour hypnotherapy session with 30 minutes of coaching.* 

    3-Session Package - $888

    A 3-Session package (a one hour hypnotherapy session + 30 minutes of coaching, per session) works well if you'd like to go in depth with a challenge you're experiencing daily in your life. This package can be a combination of a current or past life regression session.*

    6-Session Package - $1666


    *If you're new to hypnotherapy, please schedule a free consultation call to make sure this modality fits your needs.