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  • Are you a spiritual business woman, coach or healer, who wants to finally become CONFIDENT and CLEAR in your energy and alignment to share your greatest work in the world while receiving at a whole next level of abundance financially?


    Do you question if your intuitive gifts are important so you hide your 'woo'?


    Are you afraid to be visible because you worry a repercussion may come back to haunt you or sabotage you?

  • If the answer is YES to one or more of the above questions, please join me to learn the four power centers to help you harness your intuition!!!



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    Sherrie now has a clear focus of where her business is going and is a lot more confident in networking and communicating with clients!

  • Join me for a FREE 60-minute virtual Master Class where I'll be teaching: "Discover the 4 Power Centers to Successfully Lead With Your 'Woo' So You Can Confidently Attract Your Tribe and Your Abundance"

  • Discover how to lead with your 'woo' by

    incorporating the chakras & lunar phases by:

    ✅ Trusting in your 'woo' - Root Chakra


    ✅ Transforming your trauma stories into your superpowers - Sacral Chakra


    ✅ Confidently take inspired action to attract your soul tribe - Solar Plexus Chakra


    ✅ Creating money following your soul's mission - Heart Chakra


    ✅ Co-create with the energy of the moon to track your visions/goals

  • It IS time to step into the Light Leader that you truly are because your clients need you to light the way for them!!!

  • Save the date for this powerful virtual event:


    Two Saturdays

    March 25th & April 1st

    10-11 AM Pacific*

    *US and Canada

    Sign up today to save your space!

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    Looking forward to seeing you there!



    Infinite blessings and light,

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  • Amazing Results

    She's on an amazing path!

    "My past life regression session was so amazing! I went in with an open mind about the session but kept thinking I wouldn’t get a lot out of it, since I thought my issues were solely in the present moment. Boy, was I wrong!


    I realized that my fear feeling I was having in the here and now!! Bessie was able to help me overcome the fear, face it and move on to the here and now while letting go of the need to run away. She made me realize I’m in a loving, safe environment now and that it’s time to reach out and help others. Thank you Bessie!! I’d still be wandering around in the dark without your help!!"

    Sherrie S. ~ Navarre, FL

    She's more attached to her why!

    "I had the opportunity to be a part a program with the hypnosis and past life regression work with Bessie. I was struggling to feel worthy of the work I am trying to do. To accept that it is of value and not just a silly pastime or hobby. Feeling valid and feeling like I do have something to offer that is of value to others.


    The top three results I got out of the program was a greater sense of purpose, validation, clarification and trust in myself and my purpose. I feel a greater sense of needing to keep working and not give up. I feel less attached to the outcome and more attached to the why!!


    Bessie is amazing to work with. So supportive, intuitive and available for the growth and healing needed to pursue your passion or purpose. Her work will change the way you view yourself and give you more clarity on how to move forward with confidence."


    ~ Jen Nichol, Oahu, HI

    She's trusting her inner voice!

    "I signed up for this program thinking in the back of mind that I wasn't going to gain new insights, but I was totally wrong about that.


    My life is different now because I used to live in black and white but now know that I'm okay living in shades of gray. I understand how being mindful of my thoughts are important and how my energy needs to be clear to trust myself.


    I appreciated how Bessie provided practical tools and exercises to understand how our subconsicous/conscious/unconsicious thoughts impact our daily life. I really enjoyed the guided hypnosis experiences.


    I was able to truly appreciate my gifts, talents and abilities and showcase them in my own authentic way.


    I highly recommend this program. If you come into this with an open mind, your mind will open up in surprising ways. Analytics, creatives and artists will find a common ground taking this program."

    C.W. ~ San Jose, CA

    She's more confident and motivated!

    “I took Bessie's program because i have been continuing to work on my confidence to heal myself, to start my business because I have the desire to help heal others.
    I realized that I had stories from past my that have shaped me and now I'm learning and allowing to release these stories.
    This group experience helped me to understand that we experienced a common ground - that we are learning and growing. I'm feeling more confident and motivated in starting my business!

    I enjoyed the experiential work, the mystical, going back to past lives. I realized that healing was key on a cellular level so that your future generations are healed. Bessie taught different techniques that are lifelong tools to help me on my path.

    Linda M. ~ Oahu, Hawaii