What is Past Life Regression?

· Chakra Healing,Past Life Regression
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I was in Hawaii last month and held a workshop “Chakra Healing for the Soul Using Past Life Regression.” It was a powerful and insightful workshop, and the energy of the shifts that the workshop attendees experienced was palpable.

The attendees really took a deep dive into chakra healing, and they learned in the workshop that everything is energy, including old thoughts and programming from childhood that go even further back to our family lineages and past lives. Any anxieties, fears, or relationship challenges usually go back to family culture conditioning and ways of thinking which have been passed down generation after generation, until our soul is ready to break free from that patterning.

As human beings, we can learn so much about ourselves from past lives - about our relationships; how our chakras hold information within us about our relationships; and our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental life.

One attendee went back to many generations to heal what she was to heal within her. Another attendee was able to finally break the generational trauma, and she now feels more peace and less anxiety and stress.

As an empath myself, I’ve always been intrigued about what other past lives I have lived in order to give me insight to my own human experience I am living now. Past life regression has provided me the ability to ‘follow the breadcrumbs’ and to shed light on how I want to live my life, as a liberated soul, knowing that life is filled with beauty AND challenges.

I was in meditation the other day and the Yin/Yang symbol came to my mind. In simple terms from dictionary.com, 'yin-yang is used to describe any two opposites seen to balance each other out or to characterize life's ups and downs'.

Let's face it, life would be VERY boring if everything were easy breezy. The troubles, challenges, or downs are where we can learn more about ourselves through past life regression and chakra healing. We can shine the light to see the beauty of our human life AND the spiritual lessons, especially in our relationships. We can learn to have balance between Yin and Yang.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin