The Embodiment of Chakra Healing

· Chakra Healing

In my first blog post I shared about how the chakras are like floppy disks that carry the energy of our experiences from childhood, our adulthood, or even our past lives.  

As a spiritual coach and hypnotherapist focused on chakra healing, my clients have been able to go back to a time in their life where they recalled times of feeling abandoned, fear, anxiety, grief, emotional, or physical trauma, etc. which manifests in their life in the unconscious present.  

When I support clients to recall these times through hypnotherapy, they find that this energy is held in one of their chakras.  Some examples are:  feeling the fear of travel because it doesn’t feel safe (root chakra), unresolved grief of unsaid emotions and guilt (heart and throat chakra), fear of speaking up because they might be reprimanded or hurt (throat and root chakra), fear of moving forward into a loving relationship they deserve (solar plexus and heart chakra).  This energy is VERY palpable in their body and is being manifested in the now.

The key to chakra healing is feeling safe to feel the old feelings and to acknowledge the thoughts and behaviors of the old feelings.  When this happens, the client can choose to transmute the old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that feel supportive and good.  The embodiment of chakra healing has then been transformed in a dynamic way!

Knowing that the chakras are like floppy disks that carry energy from our past, have you experienced chakra healing to heal?  Tell me about your experience.  I’d love to know!


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